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Eastern Promises: The Mystery Behind Asian Skin

Pretty much sums up why I devote a good hour in my day and night to my body. I swear by beauty rituals. It’s my time to wake up or relax and unwind after the office. I never believed in cleansing oils until I found the right one (Shu Uemura Fresh) combined with a good cleanser (Kate Somerville Daily DTX), which pretty much zapped my adult acne to nothing. It’s about taking time in this fast paced world.

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Destin + Galaxie irregular stripes nails

Discover an enchantingly elegant collection inspired by Dior’s ultimate lucky charm: the Star. Vibrant, brilliant shades capture the mystery and magic of the Dior Star, a Parisian street ornament that guided Dior to his destiny as worldwide fashion icon.

Autumn and its makeup collections are usually my favourite season. I’ve loved Dior for a very long time, so this year’s fall collection Mystic Metallics completely blew me away. Between the polishes, the magnetic nail duo and the eyeshadow quint in Bonne Etoile, I’m very much charmed.

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